Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dont smile at stranger

I like to smile at people.

But sometimes my smile will lead to misundertanding for certain people.

Yesterday morning , I was so happy because it is Friday, meaning Saturday is coming tomorrow.

Since I am in cheerful mood , I am smiling all the way to work.

Although the thoughts of going to work with open heart is totally not my style hahaha

When the lift door close I saw one man standing, exchange glance , he smile at me and I returned his smile. That is all..... I thought!

I went up to my office put down my handbag , pick up morning newspaper hurried down for my quick breakfast.

Breakfast for the day Tuna Sandwiches. While I was enjoying my breakie and checking through the newspaper for latest info..... then suddenly one man came to my table.... ah! that same man smiling at me just now.

That smiley man : Excuse me miss! can I sit here?

My thoughts ( What the heck so many other empty space and you want to sit here )

Me : NO!!!!! (With my eyes open widely and rolling at him)

Yeah! now you know, why I am still single at the age of 36 years old and soon to be 37 years old

:(..... uwaaaaa I am one fierce lady hehehehe

I don't know why. I am too content with my life and end up don't like the ideas people intefere or even appear into my life.

Oh ya! what happen with that smiley man?

hahahaha he hurriedly walk away and sit far far away from me like Jerry got scolding from Tom. kekekekeke....

He dare not exchange glance with me.

I must be scared him off huahahahahahaha... (wicked laugh)

Oh ya this is the only photos I could upload since this internet connection not giving me good co operation today.

siew bao! anyone????

Have some siew bao buffet....delicious as always

seafood spagetti... yum yum

tomato soup....refreshing

Shortage of playground... these kids end up playing at petrol station?..result from too much commercial development nowadays

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