Friday, April 1, 2011

What is the end

Again I am glad to be alive peacefully... Traffic was smooth and I kind of at peace of mind. I made up my mind to treat myself with San Francisco Black Coffee today. Just coffee and no more budget for food. Hahahaha... smart me brought Hwa Thai Cream Crackers from home. Coffee and Cream crackers for Friday morning breakie.mmmpppphhh.... fabulous! Last night went out for a farewell dinner with my colleague. No hard feeling even though I am the one who asked her to resign due to non performance case. Fact of life which I have to face everyday. Apparently this girl is hardworking, friendly and positive type but she just cant fit with her work at all. No matter how much she push herself she just cant do it despite we try to coach her personally number of times. I feel bad to be the one telling her to just resign. But I put this in positive way and thank God she agreed without a fuss and make my task a lot easier and everything went well to the end. I wish her all the best and good luck in life.

The ice queen in me still exit a warmt heart to compensate. I hope not to do more of this sin. I manage to catch up with one short drama last night and this is romantic drama. Most drama will have a good ending and the heroin will end up married to the man she love deeply. This make me thinking, is it necessary a happy ending for two person in love to be married to each other? Can they just be in love forever without marrying? Are they happy forever after married? My opinion..... hahahaha make sense for a woman who still remain single at the age 36 and not even have a steady boyfriend. Ok... for me if I love somebody I just hope for both of us love and care to each other. Sounds fantastically fairy tales huh? But it make sense for me to have that thought since I am still single is ok for not married but as long as we care and be there for each other. Trust in both is very important but trust with doubt is wise to say.:) Moral for Friday morning, I just bragging to the world I am still single and not available because I dont need one. My faith to my life remain with me. I hope to lead a happy life and prepare myself to the next life. Wish all the best to the world and April fool Friday everyone!!!!! muakkkssss....

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