Friday, June 3, 2011

Hell Week over

Ahahahahaha.... yes! that is how I celebrate my weekday is over and my weekend is coming.
wuhhuhuhuh.... this week my working day is like hell!
Yeah! temper over the top!

I am glad manage to survive this week.

I learned many things this week.
Honesty is good but it can be dangerous.
The thing about me is I am too truthful .
Ah! not to my advantage at all this week.

I was caught in meeting with one Japanese man, a China man and Myanmar man in the afternoon just now. All of them kil klu kli klu in fron of me.
Earlier morning with one Malay man and one Chinese man. Ah! meeting meeting meeting I am fully tired and keep swallowing my yawn. People bli bla bli bla in front of me and I am nodding my head and my face is trying to show my interest but I failed though hahaha .... I just look too tired.

Tomorrow going to meet friends for breakie early morning again and then off for my property seminar. Well I don't hope to be a millionaire but enough to support my golden years. You know since the inflation is terrible these days. You barely can survive on day to day and now you are talking about golden years saving??? Well to be honest again I am far from my dream to live my golden year without working. Meaning , retirement will be in my dream.
Guess no choice but to work until my last breathe. Wow! It is hard to survive and to die not easy too. No matter what you choose.... work to the end!

My Jang Keun Suk coming to KLCC for CRI show tomorrow... huhuhuh U Kiss performing at Pavillion entrance this month too. Ah! I wish I could spend cash just to get them perform exclusively for me. Ehehehe may be in my sweetest dreams.mmmmmm...

Sun rise tomorrow!!!!! Happy happy day......I love weekend... Well all of us love weekend...Happy weekend WWW!!!!!!!!!! Daebak!!!

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