Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enjoy my meal

Hokkaido Mille Crepe Cake - I ate yesterday at Sg Wang 3rd Floor...mmm yummy!!! love it!

 My favourite Koay Teow Mee Penang Fried from Food Republic Pavillion... like it!

Previous weeks indulgence.... yeah! I was so lazy to upload photos once upon a time.... onde onde from Mid Valley  and below my others foodies photos...

 Thai Reastaurant dessert from Mid Valley... refreshing!

 Thai style fried mee

 Pineapples fried rice

 Heavy duty breakfast... Malaysian style!!!

My favourite snack from Shillin Taiwan Street counter... Plum Sweet Potato... yummy

God Bless me!!!! Thank you! I am still alive comfortably , healthy with good food and love by people around. Thank you God for giving me this opportunity! Love you! I will cherrish this moment and will always remember...

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