Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to survive a difficult boss

My friends message me via FB last night and the message read like this,

" Woit! woman you too free ar??? Update your blog many times in a day??? Thought you always a busy woman??? Please explain to me you over free timeeeeee!!!! "

Big LOL first - not that I am too free but most of the post done the day before and most of post are schedule but yesterday one are totally screwed up case and I wrongly entered the time. Here I am no more stock in hand to published :(

Chatting to one of ex colleague last night and she finally found herself new job. Whoa! finally you will be out of that place. To cut the story short my previous boss is the most difficult boss to please. People in the industry who see me survive with him for almost 3 and half year, respect my survival like I am a GODDESS! hahaha ...bragging again! Remember my previous entry? Don't talk negative about your previous employer. I would like to add to that. " We could learn from their mistake and turn the negative into positive ".

Have you heard about this before? People don't quit the job but people quit the boss!
Sometimes due to personal reason we can't just quit the job and leave you with no choice but to deal with this boss.
I will write about type of bosses in another entry soon.

Here are some pointers for your to note for your surviving with difficult and ridiculous boss.

* Note on your boss 's mood swings (If lady boss you better find a way to note on her PMS notice period too)

* Maintain your emotional composure and don't let Boss affect you

* If he/she speak in harsh manner or yell and curse at you - just look at her/him blank or pretend you don't concern at all as if he/she talking to the wall.

* Proof to your boss that you are trying your best most of the time. Always stay ahead of him /her and if ask for certain things you have the answer right away. (I always maintain myself as resourceful)

* Do not remain silence if he /she say something crosses a line. (you don't have to shout at him but you could reply back in a smart way until he feel respect to you)

* Be patience

* Be humble

* Don't take thing personally

In my opinion in work you need to always keep in mind that the ultimate thing is - HE IS THE BOSS and he pay your end month salary.

If you can't afford to leave you have to face this difficult boss with a brave face and deal with him as a winner in your own way!

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