Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Complaints

Many of us spend time complaint about our work during lunch break or happy hours time.
Its not wrong if it is positive bitching. As long as don't harm other, you could release your stress by talking about it.
Do you know most of us thought we are the most unluckiest person?
Facing the tough life and many more problems in life and work and relationship?

Yesterday after the lunch break , my colleague and I took the lift up to our office.
In the life there is 4 more other ladies.
There was this lady complaint to another lady about one of other colleague.
I guess she is bitching about her supervisor .

After our lift reached to our office floor while walking towards our office I turn to my friend and told her about she is not the only one having the 'toughest life'.
Many others on the same boat and may be they are in the worst boat and waiting to sink or sinking by now.

Imagine this :

* when you are getting scold by your boss......    somewhere out there at other place many people get terminated.

* when you are having big argument with your partner or husband......... somebody else got beaten or even killed

* when your food taste is suck...... other people don't even have anything to eat

* when you are sick and helpless...... somebody else is on dying bed

* when you have not enough money left..... others don't even have a single sen

* when you are complaining heavy traffic and congested road....... others have to wait for the bus or even standing in the 'sardine pack' public transport

* when you are complaining your room or house too small..... others don't even have place to live

* when you are complaining your are boring with your wardrobe collections....... others don't even have things to wear or any choice at all.

Many more too complaint.......dare us complaining on what we are having now????

Be thankful and wish for bless from our God!

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