Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 2

Harimau Malaya vs Arsenal.... 0 - 4
sigh! not even 1 goal .
Why I put too high expectation.

Harimau Malaya vs Liverpool this Saturday.
Please give Malaysia 1 goal.

Hitam kuning hitam kuning
Go tiger! Go Tiger!

My recruitment Day 2... end up with disappoinment.
Almost throw up after my last candidate for the day.

6 confirmed coming but only 2 turn up at my office door.
Fantastic and this shows our unemployment rate among out local graduate is low indeed.
So my government there is a need for you to spend money or in another word waste my tax money to save them. They don't need job to live but money come running to them.

1st candidate
24 years old. Just finished her Bachelor Degree in Accounts from University Malaya. 6 months working experience as accounts assistant.

Me : Tell me about yourself
Candidate : There in the application form
Me : Are you joking??
Candidate : No. I written all in there .
Me : I dont have anymore question to you since it is all written in the application form.You may go home now.

2nd Candidate
27 years old. 2 years experience as an auditor. Graduate Degree in Accountancy.

Me : Why do you resigned from your previous job without getting another job?
Candidate : I need to go to Sabah for interview.
Me : So what happen?
Candidate : They don't hire me.
Me : Do you have any other reason to resign apart from going for interview?
Candidate : I am planning to get married and go to Sabah
Me : If you get the job here? You going to quit?
Candidate : Yes this is temporary.
Me : I am looking for permanent and you may go home now.

Am I being to harsh on them???
I am not looking for perfect one but I just hate half boiled.

Tomorrow hopefully all 6 turn up.
Praying hard to get my Accounts Assistant because I need to promote my exisiting girl.

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