Friday, July 29, 2011

Ridiculous Happinest

This morning I was in heavy traffic for almost 4 hours.
At one point I feel hopeless and almost give up to reach office.
I wish I could see the twin tower in front  of me but to my disappointment I can only see the same car behind for the whole time.

I was like uhuhuhuhuh...
I want cooooffffeeeee...
I want my bread!!!!
I want to go toilet my bladder is going to explode soooooonnnn....

My feeling at that point....almost the reverse of orgasm... huhuhuhu

Talking about my ridiculous happinest which lead to psychonest in me.

Everyday, I will try to keep myself happy and live my life positively.

On the road
- I will feel happy if I can use my usual lane.

While I am driving
- air my favourite song

- my coffee according to my taste.
- toast bread is perfectly toasted.

- I manage to solve problem for people.

At night
- watch my favourite program and laugh happily

- I get 50% discount for item I like

I can smile the whole day for all this.
Bu if somebody suddenly make me unhappy - I will feel sad like I want to bury myself alive.

I told all above to my friend and do you know what she said,

"Dear this is ridiculous and people call this as symptom of psycho.... ehehehehehehe...."

...and my face is sour than sour plum... and suddenly I think I am psycho and ridiculous woman!

Whatever!!! as long as I am happy... hahahahaha

Happy Friday and good weekend!!!

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