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No appetite

My mood swing at downward level. Yeah! I couldn't eat... whatever I eat end up throwing out back. Yup! sounds grosssssssss!!! But I am the one experience this and its hurt!!!! 1. My throat hurt 2. I feel disgusting 3. I feel sad because I waste the food 4. I am afraid I am bulemic 5. I am afraid I get the stroke due to the pressure of throwing out 6. I am hungry but afraid to eat 7. i don't have energy and feel tired 8. If I die because of sad ... Now... I will pray to God to help me to live. I will do more good thing so God don't punish me like this. Can I make a wish now??? Below are my wish....:) I miss Seafood Spagetti   I want to eat shrimp omellete at Malacca  Me if my coffee not to my taste..... yup! coffee lover...once a day black coffee..but since Fasting month not a drop coffee down to my throat... Oh! I mean hot long black coffee..missing my coffee..isk isk isk 

Ridiculous Happinest

This morning I was in heavy traffic for almost 4 hours. At one point I feel hopeless and almost give up to reach office. I wish I could see the twin tower in front  of me but to my disappointment I can only see the same car behind for the whole time. I was like uhuhuhuhuh... I want cooooffffeeeee... I want my bread!!!! I want to go toilet my bladder is going to explode soooooonnnn.... My feeling at that point....almost the reverse of orgasm... huhuhuhu Talking about my ridiculous happinest which lead to psychonest in me. Everyday, I will try to keep myself happy and live my life positively. On the road - I will feel happy if I can use my usual lane. While I am driving - air my favourite song Breakfast - my coffee according to my taste. - toast bread is perfectly toasted. Work - I manage to solve problem for people. At night - watch my favourite program and laugh happily Shopping - I get 50% discount for item I like I can smile the whole day for

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