Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fasting Month - Day 2 (Break)

Again horrible traffic at day 2 - fasting month.
I can't whining about this. I need to feel bless don't need to be a tuna or sardine in the bus or train to work. Everything at my free time, I can opt not to drive out but remain in office until traffic get better.
But my choice is to drive out and beat the traffic jam like others.

Reached home with teribble impatience mood of mine..... :(
Not appetite to eat.
Don't even have mood to bake my frozen garlic bread.

Photo above is my dinner after 15 1/2 hours starving.:)
* bowl of strawberries
* yakult
* dates
* snickers bar

Luxury dinner... hahaha....I still consider myself a bless humble woman.:)

Good night my lovely world!!!!

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