Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday

Wow! I have a good night sleep last night.
Love it!
I feel fresh.
Woke up and watch my beautiful overgrown healthily only plant on my balcony.
Ah! so good!
Since the weather is not hot I was thinking it was still either 9am or 10am.
Find my watch..... OMO!!!! 1:30pm????
Find another watch to confirm what I saw....
YUP! I miss my Saturday morning....... hahahahaha the beauty of living alone.
You can stay on your bed as long as you like..... owh! I love this freedom God is giving me.
Love you God!

Up to know writing this entry I am so not feeling like going into the shower. hahahaha
Ok ok I will go right after this. :)

mmmmm.... my activity today will be sweeping the floor and mopping the floor.
Ah! sounds like a hard work to me..... huhuhuhuhu.

Anyway for the sake of making my habitat sleek and clean I will endure this. (with a forceful face expression)

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