Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love is blind

Love is blind!
Why suddenly talking about love?
I woke up almost afternoon today hehehehe lazy Sunday again.
I switched on TV and Tamil movie showing.
Yeah!typical tamil love movie the hero don't eat don't do anything and loose his eye sight just because the love don't accept by heroin.
Ah! this is in the movie.
Well it happens in real life too...
People suicide just because of rejection from their love one..
Don't be naive... love is just about seeing the beuatiful thing and when you vow to live and be together forever...then this where all the truth will come out and at this point you will only accept who is next to you now...face the reality!

Love is blind , Marriage is an eye opener!

Love - holding hand in public
Marriage - holding argument in public

Love - TV has no place in heart
Marriage - argument on TV remote control

Love - going to bed early
Marriage - going to sleep early

Love - talking about having how many children
Marriage - talking about getting away from the children

Love - cuddling each other on the sofa
Marriage - one sleeping on the sofa

Love - having romantic dinner in favourite restaurant
Marriage - pack food home

Love - loosing your appetite
Marriage - loosing your figure

So..... be prepared to face the reality of love life when you getting married!

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