Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Planning for Trip

Yeah, yesterday my mood swing at downward level again.
No no no pms! That pms over on early week of fasting month.
Oooopppss! I declared this to the WWW. hehehe

I was busy organising for my next adventure during Malaysia day holiday after Raya.
Hope my work don't follow me to my one week adventure trip.
Too many places I need to visit and my concern here do I have enough time and days???
This is a challenge since I don't follow tour but want to explore the country on my own.
Too many research need to be done...
I can feel the heat now since the date is getting closer.

Huan Yu speaking are very limited so this is another challenge.
Trying my best to find out words in their language for all destination I need to visit and print it out.
I will just need to point out those words fella heh???
Hohohoho ...don't forget calculator for bargaining kekekeke
Weird! I hardly buy anything when I travel because all the items does not impress me at all.

Even though this coming trip is not over yet hahahaha... the evil side of me start thinking about a good Christmas vacation near Andaman Beach soon.Imagine taking speed boat to virgin Island, snorkeling in clear water observing the beautiful coral and fishes.omo omo omo .... when is Christmas coming????

Wow!!!  Life is great when you work like mad dog and relax like a crown princess????

This is a payback since I was working like mad dog since 16 years ago. I add some colour and treats to myself with traveling for leisure since last years. Now I will work hard and play hard since I have no luck in working smart. (not smart enough!)

Ah! another stress to my head to utilise my milkdeal RM38 voucher at bizzybody.
I need to go before fasting month over since it is expiring soon.
I don't know what to do now since I lost 3kg now since fasting month started.
Me with my itchy bitchy finger to click buy at milkdeal!
Shall I waste my voucher or shall I give one visit and surrender my body to that nasty sales girl???

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