Friday, August 19, 2011


I suppose to sing 'Its Friday! Friday!

But huh... early morning I am scolding my staff like mad woman.
Bark and bark but she seem like don't repent at all.
I have been trying to teach her for so long.

Wasted my energy.

I talked to her.
I taught her personally.

But this morning her mistake was really unforgiven.
Careless mistake which reflected badly towards the company.
I could not talk to her nicely and baby sit her like my 7 years old kid anymore (like I have one!)
I believe I am out of patience to teach her anymore.

The teacher - remind the pupil the same thing over and over again
The pupil - keep repeating the same mistake again and again and this seems not ending at all

Seriously she don't leave me no choice at all but to scold her with hope she could remember this day and will not repeat the same mistake again.

Ah ! honestly I feel bad after scolding people.
What you want me to do this younger generation need to fall and hurt to learn things. 

Poor girl. Hope she could find good man and get married soonest.
Working here is not for her.

Anyway told her I am giving her one last chance to proof she is going to change.
We shall see this.

Hope this will not spoil my whole day mood.

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