Thursday, September 29, 2011


As I mentioned on the other post ,Beijing people eat almost everything and anything.... starfish, crickets ,baby shark,lizard ,dog ,frog,bugs,scorpions and some I can see still alive sticking on those stick wiggle wiggle wiggle crying for help on the innocent death sentence from those street sellers.... isk isk... me feel very sad to see those woggle wiggle bugs and animal on the stick!

 Did you see that??? Baby shark and guess what???? they even sell Shark curry....sigh!

Due to lack of seafood... I forced myself to eat this cute little animal... huhuhuhuh forgive me.... mbek mbek..

Some of their famous biscuits... don't know how it taste but me afraid of lard as ingredient so dare not try this biscuits.

Nutty snack

mmmm ...more street food

Snails???? wow! how they find that many snails for curry????

Look like korean food heh??? spicy rice cake anyone???

Here we go.... the innocent want after death sentence...

Ah!!!! so dead!!!!

Lamb leg anyone????

even the sea urchins and clams

more street food 

the very famous grill food... any part of animal to be grilled... who know some of those are humans'

Tried this thing ... but throw it away with one bite... and go puih puih puih...yuccckkksss!!! don't ask me what is that ????

The seafood that I dare not try

Eat this crab though.... forgive me crabs parent!!!

They eat meat alot.....

They even ok to stand on this long line just for meat

I eat that bao


  1. hi cindyrina...ha ha ha ha , you are soooo funny, pity you, why did you go into this pitiful and pathetic food stall area..
    they are very barbaric (jakun n ganas)i must say- especially, when they turn cruel by letting the animals die under torturous pain.
    makes me think these people are so hard up of food like as if they have not eaten for days.
    grotesque! (jijik) puih puih, yuks! from me too

  2. LOL!! The snail is actually a very common snail, can it in a place where ppl grow veggies. haha! Yeah, china people, they eat anything and everything. lol

  3. I just posted about the same thing on my blog.. I didn't try any of the food when I was there.. Surely will vomit on the spot if I did.. Lol.. Anyway nice blog u got there.. Care to exchange link?

  4. Hi lindy, yup! they eat almost everything even a common snail. I can't find any single stray dog there.... mmmmm... i guess all end up in the pot.

  5. Hi Dan, visited you and we went to the same place... I added you to my blog list


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