Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Pain

Good Morning!!!
Sipping my latte with no sugar added for breakfast.
I need caffeine today.
Last night went to bed late.
Trying to organise item to bring for beijing into my luggage.
I don't want to be over packed and I don't want to be under packed too.

Doing this simple thing cause me a severe back pain and not to omit my neck pain too.

Awwwhhhh!!! this is the feeling this morning... :)

While typing this entry I had received one Monday morning sick people sms. I hope it stop at only one person today. I kind of not in good mood this morning so hopefully this won't trigger me to dump it at others. kekekeke.... yup!!!! the dark side of me.

Later off to bank for my ATM card replacement. Hell!!!! I don't know where I misplaced my card!!!!
Need to snap photo too for my Myanmar Visa. Ah! overlooked that part over the weekend!

Anyway, happy Monday and wish WWW good working day ahead!!!

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