Friday, September 9, 2011

Myanmar Trip

I was so tight up this morning.
Early morning started my day by getting my blood pressure up.
Yup! lecturing people for one hour.
My ex boss effect pass down to me very well.
I am now good in higlighting people mistake and making people down.
Not that I wanted .... but I have to teach them and give them chance to realise their mistake and correct it right away.
I hope my lecture will give her positive change in her work and life too.

Then ... received call asked me whether my passport are alive.
Yup! and of course...since I am leaving for Beijing next Friday morning.
in the other line that person asked me to fly out to Yangon this coming Tuesday.
Owhhhh!!! can't do.
Visa need two working days.
today not enough time to go back for passport and send to embassy.
Maybe monday morning.
Depends if that person agree to allow me go there after my Beijing trip instead.

Then just now were telling my friend , I may need to be in Yangon in another 2 weeks.
The reaction was.... alone????
Nobody with you?
Ask for people to go with you...Myanmar is dangerous country...
Is it true???
Hope its not true...because that dangerous part is not what I heard so far...but of course I will extra careful and more alert!

Whatever.... I may need not to be there... enough for me to communicate with them via email.
Flying there is too costly for the company to incurr for time being...

This weekend is like a weekend..... I can't wish happy weekend to WWW.
Tonnes of work pilling up for me to finish by this Monday. huhuhuhuh...Daebak!!!

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