Monday, October 24, 2011

Bye Bye Malaysia

I am flying out of Malaysia and will be sleeping in another country tonight.
Yup! I will be in Myanmar for tonight and tommorow.
My first time at this country for meeting tomorrow morning.
I will be back sleeping on my bed in Malaysia on Tuesday night.... can't wait to come back.

Why I don't feel happy to go to Myanmar on Monday?
* No roaming... meaning I can't contact anybody I know and I don't feel safe !WTH!
* Go there for working.... uhuhuhuhuh meaning I can't go sightseeing!WTH!
* Me need to bring many documentation too.... huhuhuhuh meaning I will be stressful...WTH!

Haiiiisssshhhhhh..... I will write more when I came back from Myanmar soon!

Happy Deepavali....


  1. i belived, u dah ada kat m'sia? hehehe welcome back!~

  2. Yeah...darling!!! I reached home safely around 2:30am this morning.


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