Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Security

I was so shocked yesterday when I found grilled door padlock was gone and the not even locked.
I sense some thing not right even when I saw wooden front door still remain locked.
I called out to Auntie, opposite my house and asked her to accompany went inside my house.
Everything remain untouched.
I am glad!!!!

According to my neighbour there was 2 man wearing helmets walking out slowly when they just reached home.
Listening to them I know somebody had my house in mind.
I am so stress up right now.
I don't think I can sleep with peace of mind.

Yeah! I spent lots of money for more high quality padlock.
I spent couple hundreds to install more security.
I bought it but due to lack of motor skills, I don't even know how to install this thing.
Yup! all remain on my shelf now.
For tonight and rest of this week I am going to sleep with pile of old newspaper on my front door to block my door way.
I also put lots of plastic bags on the kitchen pathway.
Yup!.... I don't have peace of mind anymore.

I just purchase another security system from China store!

I am just afraid!!!! afraid people come to my territory and disturb my habitat!!!!

I hate them! I hate them!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!

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