Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Young Boyfriend in Beijing

There you go...
I almost forgotten to mentioned my cute boyfriend from France.
I met him in Beijing while exploring Mutianyu Greatwall in Bejing.
His name is Allan.
He just can't take his eyes off me.
Every single moment, during that 12 hours journey he just look at me with full admiration.
He must be thinking , why is this lady is different colour than me??

His Dad mentioned , Allan very much in love now.
whenever opportunity come he will snap my photos secretly (of course I realise hehehehe... because he sat opposite me) awwwwww.... so shy.... kihkihihihihi...
Seriously , he follow me around the whole trip to Mutianyu.

My French lover boy eat his rice with only Ketchup.... wohohohoh so romantic!!!!

Time to say goodbye he is reluctant when his dad dragged him away.

There you go my forbidden love in Beijing....

Totally , huge age different and distant relation??? mmmmmmm I need to wait until he earn enough... yeah... I may be 6 feet underground then...

almost crazy reading my own post for this one..wahahahahahaha... but still wanna write this...

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