Thursday, October 27, 2011

Myanmar - Part 4

Shwedeggon Pagoda in Yangon or in English known as Great Dagon Pagoda or Golden Pagoda.
This is the oldest Pagoda in Myanmar and 2500 years old since BC 588 . They belive this was built before Lord Buddha died in 543 BC. Buddha was born 623 BC. 
Seriously, this is built with real gold and on top you can see gems and diamonds glowing especially at night!

You see people sweeping the floor??? this is part of ritual to clean their heart and feel peace in mind. One type of offering to their God.

I was told to take take off my black panty hose....huhuhuhuhu...some more took this off in a ticketing booth... what an experience... too many people laugh at me because of one lady struggling taking off something inside a half glass booth...

 Me... wearing 'longyis' one type of 'Sarong' . Myanmar ladies costume wear.

If you see that ticketing both there.... I actually were locked inside to take off my panty hose before wearing the longyis to enter the pagoda.... difficult but it was fun kekekeke

No no... i don't have to wear that... this is monk costume

Finally at airport waiting for my 'loader' to check in my luggage... thank god i don't have to in the line with these people...

While waiting for boarding...Yangon airport are far more better than airport at Bandung... believe it or not???
Only one night at Yangon but was a great experience for me. I blend with Myanmar people due to my feature is similar to them. Most of the time people talk to me and Myanmar and I have to show my Malaysian passport. Ahhhh.... we asian blend with another asian... They call me Thai, Philipines,East Malaysian, Chindian, and now Myanmar.... what is next for me??? Who am I? Just a human created by God with this feature.... whatever!!!!

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