Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plan B - Bangsar Village

Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti with Spicy creamy sauce.
I am a loyal fan of Aglia olio and normally wont opt for other style spaghetti... but last Saturday feel the need to challenge myself to divert out from my norm.
I don't really like it..... Aglia Olio... I will choose you forever and ever!!!!

Cutie Jamie's choice.... and guess what both of us struggle to finish the food... big portion.
We wish Dom was there with us and help us with the food.... too bad Dom need to work

Cutie Jamie and everytime I meet her ... she never grow up... too small too little... ooppppsss!!! I mean she never grow up in term of size... but seriously she is wiser and mature now... good health 'Jamie si kici' kekekeke
Meeting venue : Plan B, Bangsar Village
Date : 15th October 2011
Time : 12:30 noon
Attendees : Rina aka Lidi aka Bamboo & Jamie aka Cili aka Si Kici
Occassion :  Rina's Birthday lunch (ok ok ok this is the final hehehehe)

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