Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Princess Birthday 2011 - Midnight Countdown Celebration

After receiving meaningful message from my Ex Boss just now.
I am more motivated to live my life to the fullest and positively.
Here goes my midnight countdown celebration just now.
While waiting .... I am happily watching variety korean variety show 'Running Man' and ' Family Outing'.
Yeah ! laugh my heart out like mad woman and release out all the stress....

Brownie from Secret Recipe sponsored my dear friend Pei Ling and strawberries from Princess Fridge
Nice Brownie dear love it!!!! I re heat it but of course the brownie got burned at the bottom.... usual Princess clumsiness over timing..hahahaha

My whole lot smurfs arrived today fresh in big box and ready to distribute to my buyer hahahaha sell more smurfs and hopefully can go Japan next year... effort effort!!!

Tomorrow is my pampering moment..... Princess always good in treating herself hahahaha... that is my specialty!

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