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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spy Myung Wol

My weekend full of watching this korean series, Spy Myung Wol.
Yup! I am playing lazy this weekend. My butt sticking on the sofa and my eye glued on the TV... hehehehehe....

This is another interesting korean series and full of contraversial too when the lead actress, Han Ye Seul, left the shooting set after episode 10. She flew back to her home at LA. Over the gossip site were saying she has conflict with the director due to overworked and describe the set as being non human.Well ... you could read it from this site. After you read this, you could understand her feeling on why she being so emo. Who won't do that? huh?

Basically the story line is quite simple but interesting though.
An elite North Korean Spy Han Myung Wol and her partner Choi Ryu went into South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their Top Starts , Kang Woo.

Which hero I like in this drama??? hehehe... I like Choi Ryu!!!! coolllllllll...

Eric??? huh! not my type ... I like cool type ...

Korean Wave....fighting!!!!

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