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Valued Voice
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Food Experiment

Salmon Head Grilled with Sweet Basil
Throw in Salmon Head
Add in slices of Shitake Mushroom, Sweet Basil Leaf and Brocolli
season with cajun spice,black peeper,garlic and salt to taste
Then grill for 15 minutes.... ready to serve and eat it hot

Garlic Bread and Strawberries... the easiest thing to do... psstttt... this is ready made I just need to re heat kekekekeke

Apple & Strawberries tea
I found one big china apple which I brought from Beijing hehehehe that was almost 3 weeks ago since I came back from there!
Amazing the apple still in great condition and fresh.
Preparation :
Throw in apples and strawberries dice
Bring it to boil
Add in 5 sachets of brown sugar (small sachet since my house only in sachets easy and convenient for storage and plus I dont eat much sugar), sprinkle some cinnamon powder then let the tea to simmer for at least 15 minutes...
Refreshing.... and you can drink it hot or chilled... .whatever your preference


  1. hi cindyrina, i like the salmon basil... no thanks to ready made garlic bread ;) i make my own. have a nice day

  2. Wan, me too love salmon with basil but lazy ppl like me prefer instant hahahaha


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