Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shoes Shoe Shoes


Finally, I found my cable. hehehehe... sorry for blaming my poor friend who are traveling to Rome with worry about me who cannot blogging due to no cable. Yes! I admit it..... as a gentlewoman I am not afraid to admit that I misplaced my cable and blame my poor friend for it! Bad girl Rina! I will treat you good lunch this weekend ok? I found the cable attaching to my desktop ahahahahaha mid age woman crisis!

Anyway, I was at this Batik exhibition at Star Gallery last 2 weeks..... mmmmmm anyone will wear this shoes to work? Where do you think is the suitable place to wear this kind of shoes???

No idea!!!! I don't find this practical to me but may be 'Lady Gaga' would wear this kind of shoes???

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am thinking

My crazy idea is backkkkkk!!!
Look like I can't be a good girl for long and stay put at one place.
I am thinking.... thinking about going somewhere.... somewhere like mmmmm....flying to Ho Chi Minh stay there for 2 nights then take the bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh stay there for 3 nights then back to Ho Chi Minh stay there for 2 nights and back to Malaysia.

Sounds like a plan for me to explore.

When I should go???

17th Dec - 24th Dec? Is this a plan?

Can I get my leave application approve???
This sounds more like a challenge.... ahhhh!!!! let me try first!

If he approve???? he is crazier than me....hohohoho

Second option - shall I just stay here in Malaysia until end of year then start my active traveling from Mar 2012 onwards. mmmmm I am still thinking... thinking hard and hard... What should I do???

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me last year

Over slept today hihihihihi...
aish... my excuses :
* too tired after long and tiring working week day
* the night before went to bed very late due to working
valid excuses.... no penalty! hehehehe my own  judgement!

My pampering and rejuvenating moment postpone to tomorrow.

Anyway, I was browsing through all my old photos and found this photo of mine which I took on the same date as today last year. Not much different ....still fat woman like last year hahaha


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh my Shopping Spree

How I wish I could upload some photos to my online diary....

I love year end and Christmas season.
A season of giving , love and gift... mmmmmm talking about that... this year Christmas dinner is not fix yet??? owh!!! need to contact Jamie and Dom soonest to lock my busy schedule.

Last night , I like it..
I was on shopping spree at Crabtree & Evelyn using somebody credit card.
hahahaha.... even though not a single item bought is for me, I am still happy! happy ! happy!
Happy to spend money and bought beautiful things.... WOW!!!!! that is the feeling hahahahahaha.... so worth it to suffer the whole week and end the suffering with a blast like last night!

I am so.... so ... into shopping therapy..kekekeke

The night before was at Mark & Spencer swiping the card for the company.... Oh! I love it!

When do you think... I can swipe this card at Harrods????
Yeay yeay..I will be slaughtered by somebody if I did this hehehehe.... whatever.. thank you for trusting me with the card hahaha.... the card is safe with me!

How I wish if I find a rich Prince like this?
Suit a Princess like me..huh..... I need to wake up fast....

Have good weekend everybody!!!! I will be working from home this weekend but still will enjoy my quality time as much as possible.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I am glad its Friday

Here night photo during recent Singapore trip.
Beautiful Marina Sand Bay.

I am glad today is Friday.
Long weekend until Monday....Oh yeah!!!!

I will be busy preparing slides and notes for my 12th Dec management and financial presentation to the board of directors and their respective committees.
I will be working but still I am happy because I will be doing this at home on my sleeping dress whoa!

But!!!!! before working we need to play...... yeah! opppsss not play .... I need pampering..
Tomorrow thought of going for my favourite Thai Massage but my 'monthly best friend' came yesterday.
Huhuhuhuh... look like I have to settle with pedicure  and foot massage.
mmmmm... whatever as long as I can recharge my battery!

Happy weekend everyone muakkkkksssss!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Shanghai

 I feel like going to Shanghai again next year.......
Me with my spectacles after touch down from early morning flight and straight for was so freaking cold that time and its wet season
Too lazy to upload more photos

Next year I need to explore more of China and this time for a long time......Ah! so miss Shanghai....
Last year I was in Bali during Christmas. This year I will be in Malaysia and be a good girl during Christmas and New Year. Good girl!!!! eheh

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodbye without hesitation

Credit to google image!!!
Kimchi for dinner tonight!
Just kimchi because I am HOT!!!! to make me hotter!!!!

This week is about controlling my mood swing huh?
Well, while I am struggling with my personal issues... huh? yeay! I have issue issue... just joking...
Nothing serious!
Me with my Drama Queen Act again!!!!

Anyway, two firing in line and it is matter of time to execute it.
More recruiting coming up!
Farewell party is lining up too!
Welcoming party is according to plan!
One day a good lady and the next day I am the bad one!
Compliment ? I never hear from the lower....only cursing reached to my ear! 
I feel suffocated.... but life needs to go on... I just move forward without looking back......
Not my intention to climb higher ...
This is just co incident...never thought to achieve this far but ...
I did it!
I had decided last night.. to end it while I am at the top...
So the goodbye need to be done quickly without hesitation...
Is this the end of life???
No this is the starting point to start fresh and better life!

What am I babbling about???
Yo!!! my dearest friend whom this morning at 4:00am send me message to my mobile while I am sleeping and wish not to wake up so soon....

The message : " Hi! It's 9:00pm here in hotel room and going to sleep soon. Quite tired!!!! "

Oh my dear friend ! should I reply you this...... " Where is my freaking camera cable ???? "

Princess totally loosing her mind! She don't know what did she just wrote... So please read all my post this week with your own risk... hehehe

Gossip girl is showing now... xoxo

Monday, November 21, 2011

Without a cable

I am lost...
A friend of mine borrow my camera cable and return back the wrong one to me.
Now it is too late to ask the correct one from him.
He is away travelling to Italy,Milan,Rome and so on until end of next week.
Yeah! so enjoy with my camera cable huh??

What will happen to my online diary without my camera cable.

What should I do?
My card reader not working at this moment.

What should I do?
Just wait for him to come back and return the right one to me.

This evening reached home and one stupid idiot who don't know how to read .....park at my space.
I paid for my parking space ok!
You drive big car but no money to pay for car park please don't bully cute and adorable people like me.huhuhuhuhu ... just park your machine outside ok!!!

I am very upset without a camera cable and also my parking space. huhuhuhuh what a start for the week....

I am not in good mood during this waiting for pms to come.
...Until my PMS come my mood swing will be like a rolling wheel....up and down and up and down.... so beware!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

I am glad to wake up on Saturday.
The whole week day was like a nightmare and I still endure with courage.
Thank you God for giving me such strong courage.

Yesterday night made me thinking on my future more...

Since today is Saturday , I decided to think about happy think and enjoy this weekend as uch as possible.

Have a good weekend WWW (World Wide World)!
Thank you God for still being on my side!

Friday, November 18, 2011


setting up for business....

 Hard Rock Cafe near Jonker

My friend craving for Malacca Chicken Rice Ball

When the night approaching and the sun going down ....

Onde Onde - Glutinous rice ball fill with palm sugar coating with grated coconut ...mmmm yummy!!!

Here go my friend start digging your craving!!!!! Malacca Famous Chicken Rice Ball... what is the verdict????  Cold and not nice... mmm whatever... me not eating this one

my favourite...Nyonya Cendol and I love that Palm Sugar...

starter for my dinner. preserved young papaya top with crispy fried anchovies

Fish fillet spicy sambal.... too bitter! I guess the chili is overcook

Shrimp Four angle bean -Too happy seeing the food forgot to snap the photo and start digging...half way eating only remember I need to snap the photo for my online diary...hehehe

Cencaluk omelet and this is my favourite ... I don't eat cencaluk but this one i kind of like it.

Crispy fried squid... i like!!!!

after eating go for window shopping at Jonker Walk.... i think they put to much MSG to my dinner... I feel so thirsty and the next photo will be like drink and drink and drink again...OMG!

 Drink again

and again...

Jonker walk start to pack with human...

satisfy my thirsty throat with peach snow ice

then drink latte at 13 states best coffee

drink again and this time cucumber juice with lime and sour plum...

on the way back grab these bottle drink for my 2 hours ride back home.... and drink again..... yeah!!! and this trip is about drink and drink and drink again and I not drunk.... kekekeke

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Malacca Again

Lekas Highway... not that Lekas or fast in English..

Malacca River

 New development at water front
... this is posh accomodation

I love having evening walk near Malacca river and then head to Jonker Street for the local delicacies. Historical site combined with food hunting session...WOW!!! I totally like it... again I can't blame anyone but myself for my upwards trend of weight gain. :(

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh I love food

My favourite cheese brownies from Isetan Food market

Kimchi pancake again.... when i pour oil to non stick pan... forgotten alright!

durian cookies from Durian Durian Shoppe... mmm not bad!

durian sponge cake... I don't really eat this..but someone who tasted this ...see that one slice missing ... said not bad!
I am suppose to upload all my photos and do my daily schedule posting on Sunday but again my internet connection worst than a snail... so I decided to call a quit and entertain myself with some readings instead!

Finally, I manage to upload most of it last night.... yeah! while waiting for my laundry..