Thursday, November 10, 2011

China in Singapore

Here are the scenario in Chinatown @ Singapore the other day. Shocking!!! it is like a mini China there... the environment totally like Beijing or shanghai. Chinese National everywhere and they are taking over Singapore. It is reported 1 million Chinese nationals in Singapore!!!! Whoa!!!! imagine that in another 2 year time.....

Even the food there, is like at Wangfujing market.... it smells like it... people talking loudly chatting happily and their dialect is totally China... wohohohohoh Singaporean buck up and do something or you loose to the foreigners. Same goes for Malaysian..... Iranian, Indonesian,Bangladesh,Nigerian are all over the country....
Why we are facing this scenario?
Local not willing to do low end job!
Those jobless local feel they are too high class for those job.... and here are the consequences and this will get worst in next generation!

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