Friday, November 4, 2011

Foodies - Singapore

Me and my nasi lemak at airport before departure.... the first want taste horrible!!!! I go for another plate at other place...:)

Here goes my second plate of nasi lemak within one hour of waiting time

'Gula Melaka' Iced Tea from Orchard road

Brownies from Orchard Road

butter milk toast from Orchard road

hehehehe my favourite fried dough from orchard road

Famous Fish Mee hoon.... ahhh the taste is far beyond my expectation... seriously nothing great!!!! Malaysian food still the best .... I miss that Sabah Fish Head Mee Hoon from Paradise Cafe @ Tropicana City Business Centre Petaling Jaya...that one yummy!!!

Mr Bean oh Mr Bean

Do you know 'kaya' ball??? this is the bigger version with different taste and different fillings!

New Toffee Latte & Spinach Quiche for breakfast at Raffles

Bought Lychee pop to satisfy my thirst during the day.... damn I am sweating for too much outdoor walking...

The Famous Chilli Crab!!!! mmmm... you know how much this cost??? For only one dish? hohohohoho SGD38 @ RM 2.45 = RM93.10.... jeng jeng jeng.... the gravy.... I thinnk mummy cook is finger licking good!!!! However, I more than thankful for the opportunity to taste the most famous food that all singaporean proud of!

Favourite sour plum drink after long walk at China Town and that 'Bandung' they spell it 'Bundung'???? 

Always start my day with good fresh brewed coffee

Rich TCBTL Break 'O' Day!!!! @ Changi airport..

I eat a lot... so nobody to blame if I can't loose my weight ...kekekeke... I love to eat!

Vegetarian Turkish food from Marina Sands Bay

Banana fritters from Orchard Road... instead of cut it half or one whole banana they choose to thick slice the banana and fried it like tempura.... interesting and finger licking good!!!!

Shrimp Kangkung .... which cost SGD8 @ RM2.45 = RM19.60 uwaaaaaa..... why so expensive????? normal Thai restaurant here in Malaysia this dish only cost us RM3 - RM4 per plate....such a waste of money for this 'kangkung' dish...yup!!!! my bad!!!!

I am so bless to be Malaysian now.... the food is marvellous and super yummy... and I can choose whatever I like to my preferences.

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