Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Geylang - Red Light Street

 Do you think that red color house in photo is a normal residential? mmmmmm .... I afraid not!!! this is not a descent residential as we think it is. In Singapore one of the street call Geyland where all these residential converted into brothel.This is the place where brothel make legal by the authority.

This place is quiet at day time and very happening at night time. The faces change drastically. Many men will be at this place looking for pleasures and satisfying their lust. Most girls are from Chinese National and of course you could see others foreign girls and some even local. 

You may think they are active only at night. Nope! I was strolling along this street and main road to observe the lifestyle at this street and can see many girls will be standing in front of the rows of shop near main street. These girls acting solo and dress nicely but not too revealing as we always thought they are. most of these girls who operate solo is either Indonesian or Philipines. Well , I judge their nationality by their look.

As a lady myself , when strolling at that street , I can't help it when men is looking at me like I am too offering that kind of service. I have to hold my camera at my hand all the time and trying to differentiate myself from those women. Of course! I feel uneasy....

Those women??? For me they are just trying to make end meet.... We don't have to look down at them. This is their choice in life. Each of us have our own choice in life too. It just happens they choose this path!

If everybody choose to be the King in this world who will do the hard work??? Same goes for here... If there is no criminal... do you think police force will exist???

Look so descent huh???

Empty and quiet at day time

One of the Towkey.... 


Dare not snap the photo openly.... hehehehe I fear to my safety too... you never know

They even decorate the road with balloon.....

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