Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodbye without hesitation

Credit to google image!!!
Kimchi for dinner tonight!
Just kimchi because I am HOT!!!! to make me hotter!!!!

This week is about controlling my mood swing huh?
Well, while I am struggling with my personal issues... huh? yeay! I have issue issue... just joking...
Nothing serious!
Me with my Drama Queen Act again!!!!

Anyway, two firing in line and it is matter of time to execute it.
More recruiting coming up!
Farewell party is lining up too!
Welcoming party is according to plan!
One day a good lady and the next day I am the bad one!
Compliment ? I never hear from the lower....only cursing reached to my ear! 
I feel suffocated.... but life needs to go on... I just move forward without looking back......
Not my intention to climb higher ...
This is just co incident...never thought to achieve this far but ...
I did it!
I had decided last night.. to end it while I am at the top...
So the goodbye need to be done quickly without hesitation...
Is this the end of life???
No this is the starting point to start fresh and better life!

What am I babbling about???
Yo!!! my dearest friend whom this morning at 4:00am send me message to my mobile while I am sleeping and wish not to wake up so soon....

The message : " Hi! It's 9:00pm here in hotel room and going to sleep soon. Quite tired!!!! "

Oh my dear friend ! should I reply you this...... " Where is my freaking camera cable ???? "

Princess totally loosing her mind! She don't know what did she just wrote... So please read all my post this week with your own risk... hehehe

Gossip girl is showing now... xoxo


  1. hi cindyrina.. i let you be as confused or stressed... but i can suggest to you one thing- the way to unwind from everything- just watch or feast your eyes on something new and therapeutic- go to my blog and see the hypnotic dancers. it will amaze you. no food this post :)

  2. hahaha..so she got your camera cable..wake her up again and call her..tell your friend give me back my camera wahhhh..just joking hehehe..just passing by Rina gudnyt ;)

  3. Jay : Thank you...
    Sie : Thank you for your support hahahahahaha yeah cooling down now... just can't wait for the weekend!!!

  4. wahhhhhh..you have to get your cable back Rina..I was checking on my dashboard and your site vanished on my updates..I guess I should unfollow and follow you back again..just passing by have a nice day ;)


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