Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!!!!!

I need to be happy this weekend because next week will another hectic week for me.
I will keep reminding myself... I need to be strong!!! I need to control my emotion! Don't blow my anger!!!!

Next Monday will start of with whole day meeting with the BOD.
Well it is not easy to re structure an organisation.
Implementing the change in organisation is the most challenging for me this year.

Recruitment week, selection process will start again next week and another week.
Look like no more traveling until early next year. 

My task with this place will be ending on Mar 2012 and now I am busy preparing for my Apr 2012 plan onwards. I am very nervous with year 2012 and what to expect!

Whatever it is let me wrap up this Friday with me being a guest writer to my blogging friend, Wan of cooking varieties. 
Ohooo... if you need some good local and international recipe Wan's blog is the best place to visit.

Have a good weekend ahead!!!!

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