Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am thinking

My crazy idea is backkkkkk!!!
Look like I can't be a good girl for long and stay put at one place.
I am thinking.... thinking about going somewhere.... somewhere like mmmmm....flying to Ho Chi Minh stay there for 2 nights then take the bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh stay there for 3 nights then back to Ho Chi Minh stay there for 2 nights and back to Malaysia.

Sounds like a plan for me to explore.

When I should go???

17th Dec - 24th Dec? Is this a plan?

Can I get my leave application approve???
This sounds more like a challenge.... ahhhh!!!! let me try first!

If he approve???? he is crazier than me....hohohoho

Second option - shall I just stay here in Malaysia until end of year then start my active traveling from Mar 2012 onwards. mmmmm I am still thinking... thinking hard and hard... What should I do???


  1. weeeeee..get an approval of your vacation leave Rina..then plan where will you be going..so excited weeeee..I think going for a Christmas break is better for me..having a Christmas spirit all around where you can see smiles everywhere..stay happy Rina ;) passing by before I sleep gudnyt ;)

  2. Hi sie! plane ticket is freaking expensive... not worth it huhuhuhuhuhu

  3. I think if you get the leave approved, go! If not, you'll still be itchy to travel so don't torture yourself!

  4. Yeah! I had decided finally... going somewhere historical place!


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