Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me last year

Over slept today hihihihihi...
aish... my excuses :
* too tired after long and tiring working week day
* the night before went to bed very late due to working
valid excuses.... no penalty! hehehehe my own  judgement!

My pampering and rejuvenating moment postpone to tomorrow.

Anyway, I was browsing through all my old photos and found this photo of mine which I took on the same date as today last year. Not much different ....still fat woman like last year hahaha



  1. hi Rina, how are you doing- great, no putting on weight, you can still fit in the same dress. good idea to do the same for next year///
    if you kaki snack, pistachio is the best, it halps fill up empty tummy and cholesterol free, at the same time kills the bad cholesterol,beta carotene is converted into vit A in our body and help prevent certain cancers. eat a handful daily.contains more lutein and beta carotene (anti oxidant) than most nuts. Lutein is good for healthy skin and vision.
    take care, i like the health benefits - you look pretty, keep smiling

  2. hi Rina, thats great, you can fit fit in nicely the same blouse,good idea to repeat this next year huh. You have sweet looking face- keep smiling.. would to share with you an excerpt on one of my posts:

    The health benefits of Pistachios:
    Pistachio nuts are one of the healthiest snacks and is cholesterol free . It contains more lutein and beta carotene than most other nuts.
    Beta carotene converts into vitamin A which can help prevent certain cancers.
    Lutein is important for healthy skin and for good vision
    A handful of pistachios daily can help destroy the bad cholesterol, shy away heart diseases and prevent certain cancers
    Happy sunday

  3. Hi Wan! thanks for your advice. Whoa!!!! love pistachios but lazy to crack that shell...thank you for the compliment....shy :)


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