Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh I love food

My favourite cheese brownies from Isetan Food market

Kimchi pancake again.... when i pour oil to non stick pan... forgotten alright!

durian cookies from Durian Durian Shoppe... mmm not bad!

durian sponge cake... I don't really eat this..but someone who tasted this ...see that one slice missing ... said not bad!
I am suppose to upload all my photos and do my daily schedule posting on Sunday but again my internet connection worst than a snail... so I decided to call a quit and entertain myself with some readings instead!

Finally, I manage to upload most of it last night.... yeah! while waiting for my laundry..


  1. yummy..loved that cheese brownies Rina..I am just wondering are you a Filipina? keep on smiling ;)

  2. Hi Sie! no I am not in Philippine but love to visit there one day. Yes! I love brownies so much.

  3. hi rina, how's your internet now.. hope you are able to come over, cos i have a great guest blogger- Ann right now...for 4 days or so

    I also love the cakes at Isetan, they look delicious-yours too.

  4. hi wan, seriously connection damn slow. visited ann just now at yours and hers but found one comment that I don't like to read.mmmm everyone have their own preference but dont need to hurt others ...anyway... yeah we both love the beautiful food.hehehe

  5. I like the idea of the durian spongecake.

  6. the cheese brownies cake look so yummy...

    thanks for drop by to my blog...nice to meet u... :)

  7. Hi Alyza, yup! very delicious! Nice to meet you too...


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