Sunday, November 13, 2011

Overly Creative

No no nothing wrong with your eyes...
I found this upside down hanging christmas tree at one of the shop in Malacca.
Shall I suggest to our company PA for this creative way of doing christmas deco?
If look like a bat hanging upside down.
Probably this christmas tree still sleeping.....
X file what is in the mind of this owner when they did this deco????


  1. hi cindyrina, fixing it upside down, makes the owner "make believe" it's a chandelier heh heh..
    the imagination went wild or went kaput ...

  2. Wan! in denial case.... they don't believe in gravity...

  3. This is really unbelievable, has the owner gone cuckoo or this is just the 'thinking out of the box' thingy? :P
    Maybe they didn't have enough storage in their shop...
    Either way, I still like my Christmas tree the old way; standing on its own feet, gravitated to the floor! :)

  4. Hi Christy, a bit too much right??? on the creativity side.. yeah me too prefer the traditional style

  5. I think it's fun and creative. Great post!


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