Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reflecting on Saturday

A cup of illy coffee on Saturday morning make me feel ease after trouble sleeping last night.
I am still at mode to reflect myself.
End of year approaching and new year coming.
What is my achievement?
What is my preparation to live and to die?
Many people judge along the way.
Shall I care or shall I ignore them.
Who are these people who judge?
Are they the extremist or successful people?
Mostly who think they are at the best and others is this type of people not worth to listen to them!

What is my decision???
I live my life on my own...
I feed myself....
I cry alone...
I am in pain alone....

Anybody help me when I fall to my feet?


I don't give a damn... its my life!!!! and I shall deal with God alone!


  1. I have no doubt your accomplishments are many! Here's hoping 2012 is fantastic for you!

  2. hello Rina..yup yup thumbs up with my toes up wahhhhhh..I agree based on my experience at the end of the day it is our own life Rina..and whatever we do in our lives we can't blame no one..we will be accountable to God for our own actions..yes December is coming I also have questions like yours..but I just say to myself..step by step and I'm sure all of my prayers and our heart's desires will be answered one day in His perfect time..

    SMILE..your pretty ok ;)


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