Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shoes Shoe Shoes


Finally, I found my cable. hehehehe... sorry for blaming my poor friend who are traveling to Rome with worry about me who cannot blogging due to no cable. Yes! I admit it..... as a gentlewoman I am not afraid to admit that I misplaced my cable and blame my poor friend for it! Bad girl Rina! I will treat you good lunch this weekend ok? I found the cable attaching to my desktop ahahahahaha mid age woman crisis!

Anyway, I was at this Batik exhibition at Star Gallery last 2 weeks..... mmmmmm anyone will wear this shoes to work? Where do you think is the suitable place to wear this kind of shoes???

No idea!!!! I don't find this practical to me but may be 'Lady Gaga' would wear this kind of shoes???

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