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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Singapore - China Town

China Town experience in Singapore... as you can see this place is almost similar to our Malaysia , Petaling Street aka China Town


  1. I have to agree with you that its similar like the ones over here at Malaysia and even our pasar malam is also the same.

  2. hi cindyrina, have an enjoyable travel wherever you are.. can i have your email add... i offer you to do guest post for me.. will spell details via email...keep in touch with me at thanks dear

  3. Hi Nava, Nice to meet you in blogging world. Yes it is similar and if many Chinese National there.

  4. Hi Wan,an honor for me to be your guest post. drop you email already! Just for note I will be traveling again and will be back next week.

  5. Gosh~~ This is a very informative one~ I'll be heading down to SG in 2 weeks time~~ Good to know about places like this~ Thanks~~!!!!


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