Monday, November 21, 2011

Without a cable

I am lost...
A friend of mine borrow my camera cable and return back the wrong one to me.
Now it is too late to ask the correct one from him.
He is away travelling to Italy,Milan,Rome and so on until end of next week.
Yeah! so enjoy with my camera cable huh??

What will happen to my online diary without my camera cable.

What should I do?
My card reader not working at this moment.

What should I do?
Just wait for him to come back and return the right one to me.

This evening reached home and one stupid idiot who don't know how to read .....park at my space.
I paid for my parking space ok!
You drive big car but no money to pay for car park please don't bully cute and adorable people like me.huhuhuhuhu ... just park your machine outside ok!!!

I am very upset without a camera cable and also my parking space. huhuhuhuh what a start for the week....

I am not in good mood during this waiting for pms to come.
...Until my PMS come my mood swing will be like a rolling wheel....up and down and up and down.... so beware!!!!


  1. wahahaha..I have pms I am now on emo mode is normal Rina..all woman go through it..with your parking space..grrrrrr..he or she should not park it there..tell that person you have paid for it..then call a police hehehe..passing by Rina ;)

  2. Thank you Sie your comment make my day. I was laughing while reading your comment and of course for my foolishness and uncontrollable emotional woman.Serious this PMS in waiting always make me feel like a Kangaroo wanna punch people hahahaha

  3. hi rina, i know how restless it feels without a camera or cant download- etc, that's the kick in blogging, addictive...
    hey if you get too moody at every pm, by the time you grow older, you turn into a Grumpy old lady ha ha ha.. cheers
    ps. i already put a link for you at my blog..thanks

  4. Hi Wan, thanks for the link up! Yeah... me turning into grumpy old lady liao!


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