Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blood Type and Character

Sharing this information on how your blood type could link to your character.

Japanese scientist Takeji Furukawa assigned character traits to each blood group in 1972 as follows:

Type O
* calm,
* patient,
* in control of their emotions,
* strong-willed,
* unyielding and
* full of self-confidence despite a quiet appearance.

Type A
* reserved,
* mild-mannered,
* full of worry,
* indecisive,
* cautious,
* deeply moved by things,
* non-combative and
* self-sacrificing.

Type B
* cheerful,
* independent,
* light-hearted,
* talkative,
* sensitive,
* sociable,
* caring and
* flamboyant.

Type AB: group B on the outside, but group A on the inside.

Yours truly is totaly A type person! Co incidently I am full of worry, indecisive and as described! Whoa!!!!
Anyway, don't believe all these too much. God created us with our own individual characteristic and all come in the package.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!


  1. I am blood type O..and oh my oh is true hahaha..thank you for this post Rina..Have a great week end ;)

  2. Give it up for type O!

  3. Hi sie! people around me mostly type O

    Hi Yummy! you are type O too?? whoa!!!

  4. hi rina, oooooo thanks so much for the info, would like to know what mine is like..ha ha have a nice day

  5. Wan! you are..... mmmmmmm type O?


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