Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doctor and Me again

Suddenly feel difficult to breathe again....
One of my left hand finger goes numb and I can see my blood stuck below the finger and blood seems don't flow correctly.
My body feel very cold as ice.

I went to see the same doctor again....

Me : Doctor! uwaaaaaaaaaa.... my finger feel numb...sob sob
Doctor : Are you fever?
Me : No! but I feel cold like in the freezer! sob sob huhuhuhuh
Doctor : Do you feel stress today?
Me : No! .... how Doctor??? why my finger numb??? uwaaaaaa ... am I going to die???
Doctor : Come lie down I take your temperature then your blood pressure!
Me : o ok! sob sob
Doctor : ooooo you blood pressure gone down very low.... your temperature a bit warm close to fever..
Me : Am I going to die??? why my finger numb??
Doctor : hahahaha no dear.... I can't explain why it numb.... because you are my first case like just need to rest your mind and relax... don't panic like this ok? I will give you some medication to relax yourself... go back eat that sleeping pill i gave you and have a good sleep ok?
Me : OK! thank you doctor

I went back home swallow the sleeping pill at 9:00pm and at 4:00am I still awake... the sleeping pill doesn't work for me!!!! uwaaaaaa.... what happen to me???

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