Monday, December 19, 2011

Festive mood

Festive mood is everywhere now....
Decorations and items sell on shelf.... the feeling is WOW!
Me... sitting , reflecting and thinking....
Any achievement this year?
mmmmm.... what should I do next year?

Anyway, for past few weeks I was stress and sick.....
hey! I am not going to be that way for long!!!!! 

I am a survivor!
My fighting spirit is like..... hehehehe power puff girl... of course!

This coming Friday I am flying out of here..... to the land of cultural and ancient history.....


  1. weeeeeeee..I'm so glad your ok Rina..hmp can I come with you pwease hehehe ;)

    enjoy your vacation Rina and bring home some nice shots with lots of smiles ok ;)

  2. Sie! I will enjoy my trip...thanks and I am ok hehehe

  3. Hi Julie!!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year hohohohoh God Bless!


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