Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Crazy Crush

What is the craziest thing a girl could do???
Falling in love or crush on those handsome stars!!!
I am not so saint and have my own idol crush time too....
Here goes start from my young and teenager years and until now when I can call myself a lady (too old to call myself girl now!)

opppsss... before that thanks for google search for all my stars photo!!!! - don't sue me...

Tommy Page popular with 'Shoulder to cry on'
love him like crazy when I was around 15 - 16 years old 

 Now he grow older and I don't love him anymore.....

Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.... Oh Gosh!!!!! so crazy over him for many many years..... and now when he grow like..... 

 This!!!!! owhhhh.... why? why? He is not Hot anymore....I move on...

 Aaron Kwok.... he is hot!!!

then... he became like this.... I move on for another hot guy!!!! ehehehe

 Wong Ka Kui the lead singer of Beyond (Canto rock star).... he died when he is so young and at the peak.... miss him!

Jay Chou.... love him for a while and then I don't like him anymore... 

Wang Lee Hom!!! he is still hot ... yeah! just wait till he grow older... then I stop liking him 

 Then my crush move on to Korean star.......
Kim Hyun Joong the leader of SS501

 My Lee Min Ho.... still hot in my eyes..... owwhhh!!!

 This is SS501...

Korean Rock band Ft Island 

I still in love with all this korean rock band CN Blue 

 Moral of the story... all of us love to live in our own fantasy world.
A teenager crush is adorable....an adult crush means trouble!!!!
Me??? just love all these people for fun..... we need to entertain our hectic ,trouble and bitter life with all these sweetener. Yeah!!!! make your life happier! why not?? as long as we know our limit!! don't be a fanatic over something or someone you can't reach or your life will be miserable!

Live happily with your own 'crushing' world!!!! :))))

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