Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Year End Contribution

Last Sunday, woke up at 8:00am.... huarrrrgghhhh!!!! so early in the morning for Sunday!
mmmmm..... thats explained my Panda eyes,huh?
Joy Garden Home again for my regular contribution.
Hope can bring happiness and they can enjoy good food.
25 people in the home. Mix women and men and mostly old folks and also some mentally retarded teenager.
They welcome me with a cheerful smile  at early in the morning!

Thank you God for your bless  and will contribute more to Joy Garden Home next year!


  1. What a great way to contriute! Hopefully worth waking up early =D

  2. Hi Yummy! worth it waking up!!!! feel so happy...

  3. hi cindyrina.. why early morning? why not evening? ha ha that is very noble of you, keep up the great thoughts and God will bless you more.. have a wonderful day

  4. Hi Wan! yes very early for Sunday... but worth it!!!! as long as we share the joy with others!


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