Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bitter Sweet Chapter : My first Ex

After 4 years working, I manage to save my hard earn money and plus my freelance accounts job... there you go my first baby name 'Pinka''. Oh well .... short from 'Pink Car'. In photo exactly same color and type.

My relationship with 'Pinka' only last for 3 days.
Yeah! the shortest relationship ever!
One morning, Pinka and me was trap in between of two trees half way to my office.
Pinka left me with deep scar on my neck.
I still have it until now!
From that day, I never drive again until another 5 years......

Pinka was sent away to his new owner right after he was out from his rehab!
I was not drunk or something but it just happened!!!!
It was Pinka fault!
This is my statement for 5 years until I decided to repent and reflected myself ..... yeah! it happened because I am not a familiar driver especially manual car.

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