Monday, January 16, 2012


Last week I was conducting 3 days aggressive interview for our new team.
Mainly fresh graduates in Accounts and Finance background.

I called 40 people and 28 confirmed the interview with the turn up only 15 people.
So don't blame not enough experience and not sufficient vacancy.
It is all about attitude!!!

Highlights from the interviews...

Me : Any question about the company before we end this session?
Candidate : You.... you... how long you have been working here???
(me with almost speechless expression...)

Me : Name any 3 of expenses accounts.
Candidate : Cost, Current Asset, Furniture
(Oucchhhhh!!! Feel like punching her face)

Me : Tell me about yourself
Candidate : I work with this company bla bla bla I did this bla bla bla..I work here befoe bla bla
Me : So yourself is about working and working... I ask you about yourself no about your working experience.
Candidate : Oh! never thought of that!

Me : Any question you want to ask me about this company?
Candidate : Can you guarantee I will only work 5 working days and 8 hours per day?
Me : How do you think I could do that?
Candidate : I don't want to work late. I need my weekend too.
Me : Oh! too bad.... this is not the right place!

Me : What is your hobbies?
Candidate : I love to watch korean drama...
Me : Why? (hahahaha I can't be telling her I am one of those korean freak... but with her telling the interview like this seems not appropriate)
Candidate : Owwhhhh!!! they are so so so so so cute (with her girlish giggle)
Me : (omomomoomomo this girl...)

Me : Why do you think you deserve to be paid that amount?
Candidate : I many things to pay!

Me : How long you have been married?
Candidate : 2 years.
Me : Any children?
Candidate : We have been trying every night but until now nothing happen!
Me : ooooooooooohhh!!!

Me : What is your ambition?
Candidate : I want to settle down!
Me : Like getting married?
Candidate : hihihihihihi... if I can find a rich husband
Me : Ohhhhh god! shall I chase her out!!!

Me : What is you ambition?
Candidate : Not sure!
Me : Why you study accounting?
Candidate : My mum asked me to.... (with very de motivated face)

Out of those I could only shortlisted 2 candidates for 2 positions. Not many choice!

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