Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jonker Street Dragon Year

If last year all about adorable rabbit hopping around you...this year is time for Dragon to bring out its fire.....rrrrrrooooaaarrr!!!!
Chinese New Year just around the corner.
Most decoration on the street,shops,shopping Mall are all about the Dragon.
I am in festive mood again this week....
Today is mid of week.
mmmmm... don't feel like working huh!!!
..but I am not in the position to be lazy woman...
I just can sing that lazy song!!!

Pavillion longest dragon

Jonker Street also claim they have the longest dragon

This angle look like a mixture of bird and don't know what animal
Flip flop...mmm what is the significant with this dragon year???
hehehehe nothing!!!

During the celebration...please play safe and wise...hihihihih

what with this banana???
itchy bitchy finger keep clicking...kekekeke

Oh!!! beware with a T Rex in life.... don't be so tame and be lame

live your life healthily so you don't get too bulky.... you will get saggy when you agie!
rrrrroooooaarrrrr.... the lion will help the dragon wuaaarrrggggg!!!!!

What the heck with today's post???
mmmm... like I said I am in festive mood....Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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