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Monday, January 30, 2012

Min Zhie and Me

Among all my photos during my trip to Jogja, this is the best.
That person who took this photo for me so good.
Whoever you are.... THANK YOU!!!!
This photo look so natural especially that PANDA EYES of mine!!!!
The way I hold Min Zhie make one agree that I don't have that motherhood instinct at all in me.
Owwwhhhh!!! pity Min Zhie almost dying because I hold her tightly and hide her in my handbag recklessly throughout all our travelling together.

One of my friend's note to me :

" Cindy! I think you should continue sleeping and only wake up when your PANDA EYES gone! then you will look better!"

Owh!!!! my friend...I born with it!!!! sleeping???
Huh! I only sleep 5 hours a day and not more or less.
I think this is enough for me!

Happy working everyone!!!
This week I will be freaking busy!!!


  1. Haha, looks like another wonderful vacation you've had :) No worries about the motherhood thing, you will have it when the time comes ;)

  2. Hi Christy and YummyChunklet! yup! wonderful year end vacation


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