Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year Eve

Where am I during last week new year eve celebration???
I was wondering around and wasting time at Golden Triangle area.
Looking at the human and then when I feel tired I went off to Thai Odyssey for a pampering moment.
Preparation to face the more challenging year 2012.
wink wink.....
People are crowding over My FM cruiser for freebies...

Preparation for New Year concert
Ohhhh!!! so many people lining up at Magnum booth...time to gamble everyone

Sunset- people like swarm of bees, like ants, like whatever it is...damn so suffocated too many human!!!

Well... time to retreat...can't handle to many crowds and I hate it.... not even 10:00pm - I am out of here!!!!
Back home watching my favourite running man and laugh my heart out - my most happy moment!!!

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