Friday, January 20, 2012

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : Chinese Seal for Princess

Paparazzi spotted Princess getting a seal carving.
The seal was beautifully craved on a raw stone with Princess beautiful name translated into ancient Chinese words!
Congratulation Princess with your new official ancient Chinese seal!

During one of our private interview with Princess...
Princess explained about seal carving...

"Well , I was looking forward for this seal a long time ago when I visited Beijing! Due to limitation in language so I put my dream off! Recently, found this man on the street carving this I just go for it!!!!"
" The seal carving is an ancient art and closely associated with Chinese writing. After all most seals have Chinese characters on them. Chinese characters have developed many different scripts or styles over the long Chinese history."

While showing off her new seal she explained further on the red color ink for her new seal.

" Red is the color of a Chinese seal. Red is the luckiest colour for Chinese.
Moreover, red colour strikes the eyes on an artwork or a paper so it stands out for improtance of the seal, particularly considering the small adorable size of a seal."

On another question on where and when she plan to use this newly made seal....
She answered with a very serious face,

"Anywhere need my seal.... I will just seal it!"

With this final answer from her, left the interviewer with full of other questions like is this seal valid here in our country.....mmmmm make one wonder!!!!!

Oh well! no one can blame her because she live in her own world anyway.... long live!

Challenge for today... try to translate the chinese character on Princess new seal....

Anyone???? Anyone????

Chinese Character in the making for Princess name

Seal carving!!!

Interprete this word... anyone????

Princess new ancient seal

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